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Jan 14, 2013 11:00pm PST
. >> rose: what should we expect next, majer? >> well, i asked the president directly because several republicans on the house side at the leadership level said maybe the best we can do is a one or two or three month extension of borrowing authority to avoid default so i said to the president would you accept and therefore sign a short-term extension of borrowing authority to avoid default. if that is the principal threat to the u.s. economy right now would you be willing to do that? would you accept that. he said i'm not interested in that to pick up on al's point, that sort of puts the president in a kind of precarious position because if he's not going to negotiate and he won't accept what congress can pass, then aren't we heading to a default situation? i don't think we are. i think the president is laying out some rather tough negotiating territory or maybe nonnegotiating territory right now to see where republicans in congress are willing to do, and if they will budge a little bit. right now it seems like we are both testing whether each side intends to budge. we've been through
Jan 10, 2013 6:30pm EST
for curbing gun violence an major garrett is at the white house for us tonight, majer? >> scott, there were no illusions on either side about what would come from the vice president's meeting with the national rifle association and other gun rights' groups. but for pure political and public relations reasons, neither side could ignore the other. they didn't, and deep differences remain. the meeting lasted more than 90 minutes. afterward we spoke with nra president david keene who did not attend the session with biden. he described the conversation as one-sided. >> we were disappointed in a sense, because prior to the meeting they made a number of statements from the white house that they haven't made up their mind. but at the meeting the vice president made it clear that in terms of firearms they have made up their mind. >> reporter: keene said the nra will take its lobbying might and growing membership list to congress to fight every item on the biden agenda from a reinstated assault weapons ban to a universal criminal and mental health background check and bans on high capacity ammunition
Jan 15, 2013 12:00am PST
to gun control watch. dow expect vice president bidetone suggest to the president tomorrow, majer? >> well, several things, charlie. i think he's going to say what the president has already said. he wants to reinstate the assault weapons ban, first put into law in 1994, set on a ten year sunset, was not renewed when it expired. a new ban on the large capacity ammunition clips, those magazines that hold more than ten bullets, sometimes up to a hundred. and some type of beefing up of the mental health and criminal background check system. currently it applies only to federally licensed firearms dealers. some gun shows don't have all those dealers there and private sales aren't covered. that is a very difficult thing to do from a gun registry and absolute data sealed off sort of way to approach that. the nra has some very strong objections and members of congress might be skeptical rather to a complete requirement for every firearms transaction in america to be covered by a criminal and mental health background check. the vice president is also going to look for more money to increas
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)